Mayor and City Council

(L-R) Larry Waters, Bernita Lewis, Jerry Sweat, Peggy Murphy, Rosie Williams, Glover Scott

Bacon Theatre on 12th Street

Movie tickets are $6.00! 

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About Alma


The City of Alma was founded in 1906. It soon became a hub for the textile industry in the 1950s and 1960s. Known for its blueberry production, Alma then turned to agriculture as its vital resource for its economy. Today, Alma is known as Georgia's Blueberry Capital and is leading the way with blueberry research. Alma blueberry growers continue to find alternative methods of use for blueberries. Along with the agriculture industry, Alma has two industrial parks that are filled with a variety of businesses including a baking company, a distribution company, and a commercial modular company among others. We welcome you to come and see the great assets Alma has to offer!